Journal of

Tourism Resilence

Journal Discription, Aims and Scope

The Journal of Tourism Resilience seeks to promote conversations on the effects of Tourism as well as explore all the various elements that may affect this precious global product. Established in 2020, the JTR aims to be among the most respected and reputable scholarly journals in the leads the Tourism and Crisis Management topics. The journal covers such areas as:

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Latest Articles

Public health emergency preparedness: a framework to promote resilience

Emergencies and disasters impact population health. Despite the importance of upstream readiness, a persistent challenge for public health practitioners is defining what it means to be prepared.

Resilience and Disaster Preparedness

Scale, change and resilience in community tourism planning

Resilience planning has emerged in recent years as an alternative to the sustainable development paradigm to provide new perspectives on community development and socio-ecological adjustments to a rapidly...

Tourism, Resilience and the Future